We can sometimes face struggles during our adolescent years. Adolescence is a transitional period, from childhood to adulthood, that comes with many challenges: these include body changes, problems at school, or with friends, or at home, and even problems with our emotions and moods. These problems can feel very heavy and difficult to cope with. But guess what! There is always a way to overcome these troubles. You will find here a set of resources and easy steps you can take to deal with certain difficulties in your life, or even to protect or help those friends or family members who may be struggling around you. You will find quick How-To’s and guides that can help you and others around you feel better.

What is

Mental Health?

When you take care of your mind and body, your life becomes better because you are able to improve your wellbeing in a way that makes you happy. You are also able to be a supportive and kind person by helping your friends and family.


I always feel angry. I don't feel like going out or seeing anyone. My friends make me sad and I don't like how they are treating me.

Last time, I uploaded a picture and someone in class started commenting really mean things. I don't want to go to school anymore.

My parents are also always fighting. I am scared to tell them about my grades because lately, I haven't been doing very well in school. I feel tired all the time.

What can I do??? I want it to stop!

If you feel like you are struggling physically, mentally, or unable to deal with circumstances that are happening to you or your surroundings, then this toolkit will help you deal with those issues.

You can find all the information here and if you ever need any more information,never hesitate to ask people around you that you trust or reach out to us!

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