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10 May, 2020

The Supreme Council for Motherhood & Childhood calls on families to complete the vaccinations for their children

The Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood appealed to families to complete the vaccines prescribed for their children according to the national immunization program approved by the Ministry of Health and Community Protection, with the need for parents to adhere to the dates of vaccinations and stimulating doses to maintain health And the safety of future generations, and their protection against communicable and infectious diseases, warning against the negative effects of postponing or neglecting them, especially in light of the current circumstances. Al-Reem Bint Abdullah Al Falasi, the Secretary General of the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood, children are a trust in the necks of parents, as they are the balance of society and the repertoire of the country It will accept brighter, for they will bear the torches of development and continue the path of advancement and leadership, and that any failure in their care and protection will undoubtedly harm them in the first place, a damage that extends to the structure of society and limits its ability to continue and renew.
She added that the national immunization program constitutes the main pillar for strengthening the community’s immunity and immunizing its members against infectious diseases, stressing that there are no justifications for default in this field, especially in light of the state’s provision of health care and care to every citizen and resident that matches the highest Global levels, and what it implements programs to educate and encourage parents in this regard Primary health care centers, in order to preserve their health and the health of their children, in a way that avoids them from the risk of disease, infection and weak immunity. She drew attention to the keenness of the state represented by the Ministry of Health and Community Protection to provide Vaccines necessary for all age groups according to the highest levels of safety and security, by making efforts to cover all members of society with vaccinations, and thus to establish the preventive aspect that is the cornerstone in providing comprehensive health care that achieves the goal of maintaining a healthy society free from diseases.
She indicated that all health centers affiliated with the Ministry of Health provide vaccines for children Throughout the country, and according to the highest safety rates, whether in terms of receiving and registering auditors or procedures for administering vaccines that are carried out according to an internationally approved protocol, it guarantees the complete safety of children and their companions, based on the principle that “an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of treatment.”
She explained that the services provided by the Ministry of Health and Health Authorities in the emirates of the state facilitate the process of participation of community members in the immunization program, and ensures a reduction in their waiting time in health centers that provide vaccines, What contributes to protecting them from any risks and shortens their time and effort, in addition to what is available in that time More than measures and preventive measures that are in line with international best practices in this field. She emphasized the importance of vaccinations in preventing diseases that harm the health of children and adults alike, including tuberculosis, diphtheria and poliomyelitis. Children, whooping cough, tetanus, viral hepatitis, measles, rubella, parotiditis, chickenpox, influenza hemophilus, pneumococcal influenza and HPV, pointing to the role of preventive vaccines in reducing the use of antibiotics to treat diseases and their complications.
She noted the new innovative service that i … The Ministry of Health and Community Protection finally met her, which is “providing vaccinations for children in the vehicle”, with the aim of avoiding them and their parents entering health centers, which guarantees them the highest levels of safety and security, as it requires only parents to contact the health center and book an appointment for vaccination and provide the necessary data, Then contact the doctor to 

confirm the medical history and conduct the case evaluation, so that the medical team receives them at the specified time at the entrance to the center, and it checks the vital signs of the child and gives him the vaccine while he is in the vehicle. Al-Reem Al-Falasi called on parents to make sure to respond P is shown by the State of interest in the health of their children, and the initiative without delay to the completion of the vaccines prescribed for them to ensure that they have the best levels of health and life free of trouble and diseases. 

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