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Children’s Advisory Council’s concept

It is a platform for expressing children’s needs, challenges and vision for their future and the country’s future.

Children’s Advisory Council’s vision

The council’s vision is to develop a generation of leaders proficiently exercising their community roles in a positive and efficient manner; thus enhancing the process of development and prosperity.

Children’s Advisory Council’s goals

  • Stabilize principles of political participation through giving children the opportunity to express their views on various school, community and other issues that concern them.

  • Provide an organizational framework for exchange of opinions and debate; thus, allowing them to express their ideas, views and aspirations in an appropriate environment that gives them confidence in themselves and encourages them to speak in an organized and disciplined manner.

  • Instill values of loyalty and patriotism, and reinforce the UAE society’s culture and values.

  • Develop intellectual and comprehensive skills, respect other’s opinions, raise the spirit of competition and to enrich children’s culture and linguistic wealth, all in order to create a generation of leadership for the future.

  • Deliver opinions on the educational, health, cultural and social projects persistent to motherhood and childhood, and reinforce the culture of dialogue’s foundations among children and between children and officials.

Formation of the Council

The Children Advisory Council consists of 9 members (males & females),  each member represents an Emirate. Among the 9 members, 2 are of determination. The members represent all children in the UAE.